Simon Orgias

Simon Orgfias
Simon Orgias
Senior Engineering Geologist
MSc (Geol)

Simon has a Masters Degree in Hydrogeology from Auckland University.  He is an experienced engineering geologist with more than 15 years' experience, having worked on numerous residential and commercial projects both in New Zealand and the Pacific Basin.  This has included construction monitoring for tunnelling projects; investigations for dams, apartment blocks, and large resorts; and providing input to a number of varied land development and infrastructure projects for coastal sites.
Simon’s skills lie in the areas of engineering geology and geotechnical engineering, particularly in geological and geomorphic mapping and subsurface investigation techniques, including interpretation and analysis of borehole, test pit and cone penetration test data.  He specialises in geotechnical analyses, particularly stability assessment, retaining wall design, foundation analysis, and soil settlement. 


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