Site Contamination

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Site contamination services

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Contaminated Site Assessments

  • Pre-purchase and due diligence investigation and reporting.
  • Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) – A first step investigation (desktop study) that assesses a site’s potential contamination risks and defines further actions required, if any.
  • Review of historic land use to identify activities commonly associated with contaminated land as detailed on the Ministry of the Environment Hazardous Activities or Industries List (HAIL).
  • Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) – An intrusive site investigation of air, soil, soil gas, and/or water conditions to determine the impact of former land use activities; assess their effects; and consider any mitigation required for intended future land use.
  • Assessment of environmental effects (AEE) – Identification of the effects a proposed activity may have on the environment. This could include infrastructure capacity, traffic and parking, flooding, overshadowing of property etc. All resource consent applications require an AEE.


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