Central Plains Water Repair Works

Central Plains reduced size

Drawing on our expertise in the areas of water, geotechnical, and civil engineering, RILEY delivers effective, reliable, and rapid emergency disaster response engineering services.

Repair solutions often present complex challenges that require flexibility and an in-depth understanding of damage modes. Following initial assessments, collaboration between engineers, contractors, and the client enables identification of the scope of damage, and development of efficient repair solutions.

In July 2017, Canterbury was subjected to adverse weather conditions that inflicted significant damage on more than 60 sites along the 16.7km Central Plains Water canal. Damage included washed-out bridge abutments, landslides, and direct damage to the canal liner and crest anchors. CPW was faced with the challenge of repairing the canal within three months to meet the approaching irrigation season. In collaboration with contractors and the client, RILEY provided technical support for the full scope of repair works, allowing contractors to maintain the demanding repair pace. CPW met the irrigation season with a fully functional canal.


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