Hurunui Water Project

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The Hurunui Water Project proposes to irrigate land in the Amuri Basin, Omihi, and Scargill Valley with storage provided by a control of Lake Sumner outflows, construction of a dam on the Hurunui South Branch, and river intake near the Mandamus River confluence.  Geotechnical investigation and civil design has been undertaken to provide supporting information for a resource consent application. 
The project has involved:

  • Geological mapping and geophysical testing
  • Comparison of various dam localities and types, and related height versus storage relationships.
  • Development of conceptual dam design.
  • Comparison of various gate types and locations for the Lake Sumner outlet.
  • Consideration of hydrological issues, including flooding during construction and permanent spillway types and dimensions.
  • Assessment of applicable design standards and criteria.
  • Identification of key areas for further investigation and/or assessment.
  • Assessment of construction issues.

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