Hydro engineering and water management

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As a source of renewable energy, hydropower is particularly important to New Zealand. Many hydropower projects are multi-disciplinary, requiring a broad range of hydrological and hydraulic modelling skills including:

  • Hydrological analyses, including flood and low flow yield assessments

  • River and floodplain modelling

  • Spillway capacity and dam break studies

  • Resource consent applications and reviews

  • Hydraulic design for hydropower and irrigation including intakes, canals and penstocks

A variety of hydrological and hydraulic modelling packages are routinely used to assess:

  • Existing and post-scheme hydrological analysis and simulation to assess catchment rainfall characteristics or, for example, the existing and post-scheme hydrological characteristics of a river at a power station outfall

  • Dam break, river, and floodplain modelling to assess the hydraulic effects in a river

  • Pipe network modelling

  • Floodplain and spillway capacity modelling

  • Flood routing to calibrate catchment response during recorded events to enable accurate estimates of design floods including peak monitoring flow

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Hydropower Projects
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