Paul Morgan

Project Director – Water Resources


Friend to New Zealand’s freshwater fish, Paul has become a leading engineer in the areas of river intakes, fish screens and fish passage.

Paul’s significant work in this field is just one career highlight of 20-plus years of designing and developing water infrastructure, particularly in hydropower and irrigation. He has a depth of technical expertise in hydrological and hydraulic engineering and his experiences spans:
• concept development
• consent application
• design, construction and operation.

In recent years Paul has made educational trips to Australia and the US to boost his knowledge and understanding of irrigation and fish screens. He also belongs to the Canterbury-based Fish Screen Working Group.

OUTSIDE WORK: Paul likes sea fishing, mountain biking, skiing, basketball and kayaking with whānau. He also spends a lot of time renovating his 1870s villa. And he hasn’t missed watching an All Blacks game over the past 45 years!

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Based in Dunedin

Joined Riley 1997-2001, returned 2006

BE (Hons) Civil, BSc, BPh Ed, Dip Tchg, Dip Te Reo Māori

Graduated 1997