Effective stormwater management design solutions

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Stormwater management and mitigation is essential to avoid or alleviate adverse effects on the receiving environment and the wider community, while increasing urbanisation and tougher regulations require the design and implementation of often complex engineering solutions. 
The RILEY stormwater team can address a diverse range of stormwater issues affecting council assets; commercial and industrial development; and private property by developing innovative, practical, and sustainable environmental solutions utilising a variety of conventional and alternative water sensitive design practices.
Issues may include below-ground reticulation comprising piping and conveyance treatment devices, or underground tanks for attenuation; flooding and overland flowpath issues; treatment and attenuation ponds; and stream and watercourse erosion.
Our services include: 

  • Integration of stormwater management measures into strategic plans.

  • Catchment analysis and modelling for flood assessments and the development of integrated plans.

  • Detailed design and modelling of upgraded or new pipework reticulation and drainage systems.

  • Stormwater quality and quantity management.

  • Application for resource consent and consenting support.

  • Preparation of tender contracts and contract administration.

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Stormwater Projects
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