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Tailored investigation, analysis, design and monitoring solutions.

Our geotechnical teams offer a wide range of services, from site investigation and analysis to design and monitoring.

Our clients include:

  • large to small-scale commercial and residential land developers

  • dam owners

  • power generation companies

  • local authorities

  • education and early learning institutions

  • private individuals.

Riley works closely with clients to ensure requirements are met and the level of investigation and reporting is appropriate to the project’s scale and complexity.

Projects vary from creating new multi-lot subdivisions to single-lot pre-purchase advice; from slope stability remediation to lake and dam design.

We select appropriate investigation methods and cost-effective design solutions for the differing site and geological conditions. We use a variety of software applications to analyse conditions and assess risks including slope stability, settlement, retaining walls, piling, groundwater and liquefaction.


  • Site investigations

  • Slope stability assessments

  • Foundations and ground improvement

  • Dam site feasibility

  • Earthworks and construction monitoring

  • Environmental assessment

  • Consent and peer review

  • Forensic investigation

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