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Contamination risk assessment and remediation options

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Environmental contamination occurs when hazardous substances are released onto land or into groundwater or surface water. Contamination can limit the use of land, cause corrosion to building structures, and reduce land and property values. Councils now require contamination assessments prior to land redevelopment.

There are a number of activities that may cause site contamination including:

  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Controlled and uncontrolled waste disposal
  • Spillage or leakage of chemicals
  • Storage or transportation of raw materials, finished products or waste
  • Seepage from neighbouring land

Environmental and contaminated site investigations provide advice on and the selection of appropriate remedial options. Investigations include pre-purchase site inspections and due diligence reporting for proposed subdivisions; commercial and industrial developments; private dwellings; rehabilitated municipal landfills; and wetlands and ponds.

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