Quarry Assessment and Design

Natural resource identification, investigation, and development

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Our geologists assist quarry owners to identify, investigate, and develop natural resources. 

These resources include rock for aggregate and industrial uses; clay and soil for use in the construction of building platforms, dams, embankments and other site modification; and ground or surface water for water supply or irrigation.
Coupled with this expertise is experience in the preparation of designs for the development of resources and submission of resource consent applications.
Significant and varied technical inputs are commonly required in support of resource consent applications for activities such as quarries and water abstraction/ use. RILEY regularly provides technical support for resource consent applications in the following areas:

  • Hydrological impact assessment

  • Geotechnical impact assessment

  • Hydro-geological impact assessment

  • Civil impact assessment 

In addition to providing input for the consenting of resource developments, RILEY provides technical input for the development of quarry operations including ongoing geotechnical review/input with respect to pit slope stability; re-evaluation of available resources; and stormwater and water management.
RILEY has in-house expertise and facilities for the three-dimensional modelling of natural resource deposits and development of plans for their extraction.  This can be used to identify resource quantity and quality for preparation of comprehensive development and production costings, access and infrastructure location, and assessment of effects.  These methods can also be used to enable inclusion in the design of features to either avoid or mitigate impacts of the proposed extraction and to assess cost implication.

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Quarry Development Projects
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