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Canterbury Earthquakes Rebuild


Vero Insurance (NZ) Ltd  





Riley was engaged to provide geotechnical support and advice for Vero in response to the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence.


The requirements were varied and included providing high-level advice and briefing to Vero management and underwriters and interpreting the rebuild policy and guidance prepared by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. This aspect of our input included being Vero’s geotechnical representation on the Christchurch Land Repair Steering Group.


We provided claim-specific geotechnical input for several large claims (more than $200 million) including preparing for and attending conferences of experts. We also carried out site-specific geotechnical investigation and reporting for several hundred residential claims, which extended into input for foundation rebuilds and full rebuilds.


Following the peak of the rebuild phase, Riley has continued to provide geotechnical input to Vero to support the processes around resolving claims.

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