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Eli Maynard

Principal Dam Engineer


Eli is a chartered engineer specialising in geotechnical and dam engineering.

He has a strong interest in the design of water storage dams, flood protection and irrigation schemes. His skills have been applied to a broad range of geotechnical projects on sites subject to artesian groundwater, soft soils, liquefaction, land instability and flooding.

Eli has designed foundations for buildings, bridges and other large civil structures using shallow, piled and ground improvement solutions. He also has experience with challenging construction projects including those needing temporary construction dewatering.

OUTSIDE WORK: Eli enjoys DIY, tinkering with vehicle projects, and various sporting endeavours.

Russell Brents_edited.jpg

Based in Auckland

Joined Riley in 2019

BE(Hons) Natural Resources, ME (Mgmt)

Graduated University of Canterbury

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