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Lennie Palmer

Senior Hydrologist

Lennie has over 30 years’ experience in hydrology, water resource engineering and project delivery with New Zealand and Australian power industries and consultancies.

He is involved with technical hydrological and operational investigations and studies, which also include consent investigations and hearings. He has previously carried out rainfall and flood design and review.

Recent investigations using HEC-HMS catchment modelling include:
• design flood / reservoir levels and discharges (e.g. Dillmans, Mangahao, Donalds Creek)
• tile drainage effects on flood hydrology
• wetland design.

Other recent projects include infrastructure enhancement investigations, sediment analysis, rainfall analysis and design, and other catchment modelling.

Lennie is currently involved with field hydrology and is proficient with a range of measurement methodologies. He also undertakes due diligence investigations and peer review of technical hydrological reports.

OUTSIDE WORK: Lennie enjoys the outdoors and trying to maintain a reasonable level of fitness.

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Based in Christchurch

Joined Riley in 2021

BSc, MApSc (Hydrology and Water Resources)

Graduated University of Otago and University of Adelaide

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