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Conrad Properties Group Ltd





Riley was engaged to provide civil engineering design and construction observation services on this 170-unit light industrial/commercial development.

It was a complex geometric design requiring optimisation of levels to minimise step height between units and achieve compliant (accessible) gradients, whilst balancing bulk earthwork cut and fills, minimising rock break volumes, and limiting fill and retaining above an existing basalt cliff face.

Stormwater was treated and disposed of through specifically designed rockbore soakholes. Soakage capacities were verified through extensive on-site testing during design and construction phases.

There was a complex network of underground drainage and utility services to coordinate. These services were modelled by Riley in 3D for clash detection purposes.


Through extensive 3d modelling (utilising 12D software) we were able to achieve all our design objectives and the project was completed on time early in 2023.

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