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Whitford Quarry


Stevenson Aggregates Ltd  





For this project in Whitford, Auckland, Riley was required for evaluation of quarry wall stability and highwall design in hard fractured greywacke, for present and future resource extraction and ultimate use as a landfill.


We’ve undertaken additional work, which has involved:

  • input to developing a quarry plan

  • mapping of geology and defects in greywacke terrain

  • design and observation of final faces construction for incorporating into future landfill expansion. This included stability enhancement devices in fractured greywacke, residual tertiary soils and fault crushed materials.


Steep engineered faces over 400m in length and 100m in height were created, crossing active faults and providing vehicle access. This will allow for the continuing development of Auckland well into the future.


Riley continues to undertake a stability review annually while the quarry is operating.

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