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Barracks Quarry


Simcox Quarry Limited


Omaka Valley, Marlborough


Scott Vaughan, Leah King, and Andrei Van Dusschoten


Riley initially carried out a due diligence assessment which included a summary of operations at the quarry, a preliminary resource assessment and recommendations and advice for potential future operators.  Once the site was purchased Riley was then engaged to carry out key documentation for Quarry operations and consenting.  This included a Quarry Management Plan which considered the regulatory framework for operation, quarry development and operations, necessary environmental controls, as well as a Rehabilitation Plan. 


Riley also undertook an assessment of the overburden disposal area, this included geotechnical investigation of the site and foundations, stability assessment, and design of the fill stockpile.


The quarry has been successful in obtaining consent to increase extraction limits and continues to operate. The adjacent site is utilised as overburden/fill storage. 

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