Wind Farms and Tall Structures

Tararua Wind Farm

Tararua 400
An extension to the Tararua wind farm involved a comprehensive geotechnical assessment of the foundation conditions and requirements for each new turbine location; slope stability analysis and upgrading for an associated roading network; and a geotechnical assessment including slope stability analysis of disposal areas.

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Mahinerangi Wind Farm

Mahinerangi 400
The Mahinerangi wind farm lies 7km north of Lake Mahinerangi in the South Island.  Geotechnical investigations and preliminary civil engineering design was undertaken in support of a resource consent application for up to 100 turbines of 2MW each plus 37km of connecting roads in an envelope area of 1,723ha. Preliminary designs assessed earthwork activities, erosion and sediment control measures, and stormwater management.  In addition, the optimisation of turbine and road locations, stability assessment, groundwater depressurisation, and on-site aggregate assessment for pavement construction and concrete batching was required. The quantity of earthworks estimated to form the wind farm is 2.53 million m3.  During the consent process RILEY prepared and presented expert evidence.

Waverly Wind Farm

Blades 400
Geotechnical and civil assessments have been undertaken for a proposed wind farm in Waverly, South Taranaki. This challenging coastal site is underlain by materials that include variable siltstone and up to 9 metres of black sand. Liquefaction analysis for wind turbine foundations and ground water extraction during construction were some of the key challenges addressed in assessments.  Consents were approved in 2016. Subsequently, RILEY has developed detailed designs, specifications, and construction documentation for the new roading and turbine platform network, including earthworks and stormwater aspects. Construction is scheduled to commence early 2019.

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