Brownfield Development

Aged Care Facility

Retirement Village
Geotechnical investigation, civil engineering design, and construction monitoring for the reticulation of stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water supply to service an extension to an existing aged care facility in Christchurch.  Design works included pavement and retaining wall design works to match existing site grades.

Parnell Railway Station Platforms

002 Reduced size
Civil engineering design advice for an outline plan of works for two 155m long by 5m wide platforms. The site, located in a built-up area of Parnell, consists of retail and commercial development, existing railway sidings, warehouses, and yard areas. Works included a combined pedestrian/vehicle access; formation of a vehicle drop-off and turnaround area beside the station; walking paths to link the northern and southern platforms via an existing pedestrian underpass; and provision of underground services including stormwater, wastewater, and water supply. Minor levelling and re-sealing was required for the existing access to the site, and retaining walls and footpaths were constructed to enable pedestrian movement to the railway platforms. .


NZ Bus, Mt Roskill

Busway 400
Development of a satellite bus depot within the KiwiRail easement adjacent to SH20 and within areas of historical non-certified fill.  The site contains office amenities, staff car parking, and 45 bus parks.  Geotechnical investigations identified highly variable subsurface conditions, including basalt cobbles, silt, building rubble, and organic debris.  Civil engineering aspects involved a detailed earthworks assessment to improve site contours and satisfy layout requirements; construction of reticulation including stormwater, wastewater, water supply, telecommunications, and power; and soft pavement design.  Observations during construction were undertaken for founding conditions, a bus store platform, and underlying fill compaction.

Car Park

Car Park
Geotechnical investigation, civil engineering design, consenting, and construction monitoring for a new car park involving grassed swales and a soakage basin to filter stormwater discharged to ground. The project involved extensive liaison during the resource consenting phase to address the concerns of nearby landowners.


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