Development Engineering/Consenting Projects

Birkenhead Bike Park

BirkenheadBikeParkOpen 400
A reinforce concrete all-weather looping bike track with associated earth and rock batters, stormwater rain gardens, and landscaping was designed for the War Memorial Park, Birkenhead. A geotechnical investigation to assess ground stability and provide founding and site development observations indicated a quantity of historic non-engineered fill in the vicinity of the proposed development, a risk of steep slope regression, and lack of adequate drainage.  Recommendations included planting slopes with deep-rooted vegetation to improve stability, setting the track back from steeper slopes, and the collection of stormwater runoff for direction into the public stormwater system.  Following consultation, a stormwater management plan was prepared as supporting information for a resource consent application to Council.

Hudson Road Business Centre, Warkworth

HudsonRd 400
Geotechnical evaluation and civil input for the development of a 13.2ha site as a retail and business complex.  The site is underlain by variable alluvial materials that are prone to differential settlement issues, and is traversed by streams of significant ecological value.  Assessment required preliminary engineering design to assess economic feasibility and provide supporting information to obtain a plan change.  Civil work involved a preliminary flood risk assessment; design of stormwater management and mitigation measures; assessment of public infrastructure capacity and future upgrades; and geotechnical and earthworks requirements.  The proposed staged development will have up to 60,000m2 floor area comprising a retail and business centre with large footprint buildings, trade industry, work units, car parks, and a petrol service station.

Auckland Council Stormwater Renewals

Grove Rd sq 4x4

Working closely with Council to improve stormwater infrastructure, design, construction supervision, and contract administration has been undertaken for more than 20 stormwater renewal projects in the Auckland region.  Varied project scopes have included the assessment of existing stormwater reticulation and confirmation of extent of required works; geotechnical investigations; stormwater catchment assessments and reticulation design; service relocation design; the provision of efficient and cost-effective construction methodology; preparation of supporting documentation for resource consent applications; and the preparation of tender and contract documentation.

Residential Development, Port Hills

Port Hills Residential Development

Geotechnical investigation, civil engineering design, consenting, and construction monitoring for the redevelopment of a large residential property including a historic three-storey dwelling. Design works involved staged cut and fill operations, cantilevered and anchored retaining walls up to 4m in height, house foundation underpinning, and ancillary civil works involving the re-routing of stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water supply, and pavement design for a steep 1 in 6 grade driveway.

Mitre 10 Mega, Warkworth

Mitre 10

Civil and geotechnical design, construction supervision, contract management and compliance for a Mitre 10 Mega store, and associated infrastructure. The design included earthworks; retaining structures; assessment of new and existing infrastructure; pavements with very soft subgrades; and stormwater quality and quantity management. Engineering consideration included optimising earthworks to achieve building and pavement platforms; variable foundation conditions; ground settlement and consolidation; horizontal and vertical geometry of pavements and pedestrian footpaths; incorporation of landscaping requirements to enhance development; formation of overland flowpaths; service reticulation; and realignment of public stormwater.

Parnell Railway Station

002 Reduced size

Civil engineering design advice for an outline plan of works for two 155m long by 5m wide platforms. The site, located in a built-up area of Parnell, consists of retail and commercial development, existing railway sidings, warehouses, and yard areas. Works included a combined pedestrian/vehicle access; formation of a vehicle drop-off and turnaround area beside the station; walking paths to link the northern and southern platforms via an existing pedestrian underpass; and provision of underground services including stormwater, wastewater, and water supply. Minor levelling and re-sealing was required for the existing access to the site, and retaining walls and footpaths were constructed to enable pedestrian movement to the railway platforms.

Luxury Car Showroom, Wairau Park
Steep site car showroom

A four-level luxury car showroom is currently under construction on a steep site adjacent to SH1 in Wairau Park on Auckland’s North Shore. The site will be retained by walls, up to 8.1m high and greater than 130m in length. These will be integrated into the building structure and external car yards, enabling vehicle access. Due to the site’s close proximity to the motorway the design incorporates a top-down construction involving soldier pile walls with shotcrete infill and capping beam, 600mm diameter piles spaced at 1.5m crs, and tieback anchors to maintain long-term stability. Site excavation has involved the removal of approximately 18,500m3 of material. Environmental, geotechnical, and civil engineering inputs have included finite element wall loading analyses in support of resource and building consents, and construction tendering documentation and construction management (NZS 3910) for the walls and site preparation.  The project is due for completion in 2019.


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