Earthworks Assessment

Stockyard Falls Bulk Retail, Warkworth

StockyardFalls 400
Project management, detailed civil design, consenting, and construction supervision for a bulk retail development. Initial work included preparation of engineering documentation to support a Plan Change application to enable construction of the 8ha bulk retail centre. Due to the sensitivity of the receiving environment, the development required a high degree of engineering input. Significant earthworks (90,000m3) were required to prepare the site for development, which included pre-loading to address settlement issues and building platforms within floodplains.

Summerset Retirement Village, Ellerslie

Summerset Ellerslie 400
Civil, geotechnical, and environmental engineering services for a new retirement village development. RILEY has provided input from feasibility stage through site investigations and resource consent; detailed design; and construction management and compliance. The development of this brownfield site, which is underlain by basalt, has included specific design and construction supervision of rock anchored retaining walls, large diameter bored pile foundations, and remediation of unsuitable ground through pre-loading and sub-excavations methods. Stormwater disposal methods developed for the site include a detention/amenity pond, discharging into a network of rockbore soakholes.

Anzac Cliff, Palmerston North

AnzacCliff 400
Feasibility investigation to realign the Manawatu River and adjacent cliff to allow a revision to the building line on residential land. The cut volume for the initial concept is 380,000m3 with a fill volume of 350,000m3 excluding river diversion and earthworks below river level. Silt control will be a significant issue, especially considering the proximity to the river and the associated risks of flooding during construction. Careful staging of earthworks will be required, in conjunction with surface water diversion and silt control facilities.

Mahinerangi and Kaiwera Wind Farms

Mahinerangi 400
Geotechnical investigation and civil engineering design of two proposed wind farms to support resource consent applications.  The wind farms consisted of 90 turbines of 3MW each, plus 25km of connecting roads, and 200 turbines of 3MW each plus 27km of connecting roads respectively. Preliminary designs assessed earthwork activities, erosion and sediment control measures, and stormwater management. Assessments also required the optimisation of turbine and road locations, stability assessment, groundwater depressurisation, on-site aggregate assessment for pavement construction, and concrete batching. The quantity of earthworks estimated to form the wind farms was 2.62 million m3 and 2.53 million m3 respectively.

Port Hills Subdivision

Port-Hills Subdivision
Geotechnical investigation, civil engineering design, construction monitoring of earthworks operations, and installation of multiple timber pole walls to service a new 14-lot subdivision on a steep south facing site in the Port Hills. Due to erosion of loess soils during construction, significant stabilisation works were required across the slopes including staged construction of the retaining walls and silt control measures. Design input was provided for a reinforced pavement over soft subgrade soils.


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