Stormwater Projects

Stockyards Falls Bulk Retail Facility, Warkworth

StockyardFalls 400
Project management, design, consenting, construction supervision, and document preparation for a Plan Change and Land use consent application for a 20ha site requiring significant earthworks in a sensitive receiving environment, including a nearby river, a municipal water supply intake, and a treatment plant. A staged construction methodology was developed to mitigate the effects of the proposed works along with a comprehensive use of the methods presented in TP90 for erosion and sediment control. Engineering solutions included wetland stormwater treatment pond, pedestrian walkways, and landscape planting.

Auckland Council Stormwater Renewals

Grove Rd sq 4x4
Working closely with Auckland Council to improve stormwater infrastructure, design; construction supervision; and contract administration was undertaken for more than 20 stormwater renewal projects in the Auckland region. Scopes included the assessment of existing stormwater reticulation and confirmation of extent of required works; geotechnical investigations; stormwater catchment assessments and reticulation design; service relocation design; the provision of efficient and cost-effective construction methodology; preparation of supporting documentation for resource consent applications; and the preparation of tender and contract documentation.

Hillcrest Avenue Culvert Duplication

Hillcrest Ave 400
Design and construction supervision of temporary retention measures for culvert duplication works. The programme required that a busy feeder road be kept open during construction, with work limited to one half at a time. The project involved liaison with site contractor to determine preferred construction methods and materials.  Two different retaining wall types were designed to support adjacent walls of a 3.7m deep cutting. The wall supporting the road traffic used vertical propped cantilevered timber pole driven into pre-drilled holes. This wall had two tie-back layers. The upper layer installed in trenches extending to deadmen across the road. The lower layer drilled at an inclination and grouted into the sandstone underlying the low strength alluvium soils above. The wall at right angles resisted smaller loads and was excavated at a 60-degree angle with shotcrete face protection.

Salvation Army Headquarters, AlbanySalvationArmy Storm 400

Stormwater reticulation and mitigation measures designed and constructed in accordance with Council Infrastructure Design Standards. Design of a rain garden and  two rain tanks, each of approximately 5,000 litre capacity.

Bike Track, War Memorial Park, BirkenheadBirkenheadBikePark 400

A concrete-lined looping bike track with associated earth and rock batters, stormwater rain gardens, and landscaping was created in the grounds of the War Memorial Park, Birkenhead. Geotechnical investigation to assess ground stability and provide founding and site development observations indicated a quantity of non-engineered fill in the vicinity of the development, plus a risk of steep slope regression and lack of adequate drainage. Recommendations included planting slopes with deep-rooted vegetation to improve stability, setting the track back from steeper slopes, and the collection of stormwater runoff for direction into the public stormwater system. Following consultation, a stormwater management plan was prepared as supporting information for a resource consent application to Council. 

Wetland Lake Restoration, Northland Barr Road Consent 400

Establishment of two freshwater lakes with surrounding wetland areas and a combined surface area in excess of 8ha, supported by earth dams. The lakes and wetlands provide treatment for the private road network that runs through the site. Stormwater runoff from the roads is collected by grass swales and rock-lined channels (for channel gradients greater than 5%). The swales and channels convey the water to the lakes with virtually no use of pipework except culverts.



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