Project North Wharf

ASB BuildingNorthWharf6

Geotechnical investigation for a $250,000,000 development site on the edge of a 1920s Auckland coastal reclamation area known as the Western Reclamation. 

This brownfield site, underlain by up to 6m of reclamation fill, was developed as one of Auckland’s urban regeneration projects.  Ironically, 28 years earlier, RILEY designed the foundations of the previous industrial development occupying the site.

Redevelopment inputs included an assessment of foundation requirements, site seismicity and liquefaction settlement, lateral spreading, groundwater corrosion effects, and vertical and horizontal load resistance requirements.  Reporting included recommendations on the merits of various piled foundation options – driven steel ‘H’, CFA, or cast in-situ piles.

Supervision was provided for foundation piles and roading subgrade construction. 

The development, built to house the ASB Bank headquarters, consists of two buildings of six and eight-storeys linked by a glazed walkway, and designed as the most advanced commercial office building of its type in New Zealand at the time.


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