Coastal Assessment and Engineering


Kennedy Park Steps, Castor Bay

Kennedy Park-400
Input was provided to evaluate the risks affecting the previous beach access, and identify a suitable alternative route across steep slopes subject to erosion. This was followed by ground investigations along the selected alternative route and assessment of the most suitable founding construction for a proposed staircase across the cliff involving an unconventional solution for the challenging slopes. The end result is a picturesque and popular set of steps built within a steep challenging environment.

Clarks Beach Coastal Cliff Retreat

Torkar Rd 400
Retreat of the coastal cliff within the adjacent Council owned esplanade reserve was causing concern for residents who considered the erosion rate to have increased.  An investigation was undertaken and a methodology provided for the construction of a seawall and upper cliff protection.  The works included a rip rap seawall along the cliff base, and soil nailing and placement of mesh/mat on selected portions of the cliff.  Works were successfully completed in 2016.

Laucala Island, Fiji

Laucala 400
Geotechnical investigation, construction monitoring, and slope stability analysis for a Laucala Island resort. Work involved mapping of sea cliffs, undertaking a hazard assessment, and providing foundation recommendations.
Geotechnical mapping of joints within basalt agglomerate and assessment of safe slope angles and setback for foundations in volcanic tuff slopes.  Recommendations for building foundations on coastal alluvial deposits.


Rangitoto Wharf Replacement

RangitotoWharf 400
RILEY was engaged by DOC to provide computer analysis of the soil/pile/structure interaction and provide geotechnical input during construction for a concrete wharf, comprising an abutment wall, an approach deck, and a wharf head deck at the main arrival point for visitors on the south side of Rangitoto Island. The new structure replaced an old timber wharf extending 50m out from the shore. During construction of piled foundations a sequence of basalt lava flows was found to be interspersed with harbour mud, affecting the load carrying resistance of the piles. Specific design of each pile was undertaken during construction.

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