Forensic Engineering


Matata Natural Disaster

Matata 400
Instructed by the Insurance Council of New Zealand to assess and report on damage caused by a natural disaster in Matata, a coastal settlement approximately 25km north west of Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty.  In May 2005, heavy rainfall caused elevated stream levels consisting of flood flows, mobilised rock debris and vegetation.  The debris primarily originated from the Waitepuru and Awatarariki catchments above Matata, resulting in widespread damage to the town.  The main source of debris was derived from landsliding and erosion associated with this extreme rainfall event.  The debris flows were initiated by landslips within the catchments.

Fiji Slip Remediation

FijiSlip 400
Commissioned to investigate and provide recommendations for stabilisation of a large landslip at a luxury island resort in Fiji.  The implementation of remedial measures has now greatly improved the stability of the landslip area and the areas to each side.

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