Quarry Assessment, Design, and Rehabilitation

Whitford Quarry

Whitford 400
Evaluation of quarry wall stability and highwall design in hard fractured greywacke, for present and future resource extraction and ultimate use as a landfill. Additional work has involved input to the development of quarry plan; mapping of geology and defects in greywacke terrain; strength evaluation; subsurface investigations; stability and stereonet analysis; and reporting. RILEY continues to undertake an annual stability review.

Clevedon Quarry

McNichol 400
A pre-purchase due diligence assessment of the geological and geotechnical aspects of an existing quarry in Clevedon producing predominantly greywacke materials. Surface and subsurface sampling was recommended and undertaken, pursuant to which the quarry was purchased. RILEY has subsequently been engaged to undertake a resource assessment within and outside the existing consent limits.

Waikato Quarries

WaikatoQuarries 400Geotechnical and geological assessment of two quarries in the northern Waikato for the purpose of a pre-purchase due diligence assessment. The work included broad face mapping, sampling, and limited subsurface investigation at one of the quarries. Estimates of resource volumes were also developed for the fractured greywacke materials.

Brookby Quarry

BrookbyHighwall 400
A batter stability assessment was undertaken for the proposed expansion of the quarry. This included detailed face mapping, a review of previous cores, rock evaluation, and computer based stability modelling.  Provided reporting in support of a consent application.


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